Success Story: First Time Buyer buys first home at auction

As house prices have continued to increase nationwide, we have noticed an increase in the number of First Time Buyers and owner occupiers starting to buy houses at auction. One of our latest home buyers was a first-time buyer in Cork, who contacted us to let us know how pleased she was with the entire process. She was delighted with the end result and was kind enough to provide images of her newly renovated home. She is a first time buyer, owner occupier who bought her first ever home via

I purchased my first home through Youbid during the Summer for a great price. I spent the past few months renovating the apartment and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. 

From viewing the property to handing over the keys, the entire process was made a breeze by the support and communication of the Youbid team. I couldn’t recommend purchasing through an auction more!

Take a look at these amazing before and after images below. We just love the transformation

Kitchen / Dining Room
Living Room

If you are considering buying at auction, take a look at some of the benefits here

Faster process

There is no quicker way to purchase a property. From the get-go you know the timelines for carrying our due diligence, placing bids, and closing. The auction process is faster than the traditional method whereby the legal pack is available from the beginning when the property is advertised. So if you’re looking for a fast sale, auction is the way to go.


In general, when buying at auction buyers do tend to get better value and often get a bargain on a property. It all depends on who is bidding for the property on the day, if you’re lucky you may be the only bidder. However, most properties sold via auction are in need for refurbishment, which provides the opportunity to add value to the property through improvements which will increase the resale value.

No Uncertainty

With auction properties, the legal pack is available from the beginning so you don’t have to worry about running into any surprises or upsets. The legal pack will normally include; title deeds, any relevant planning permission and leases for tenanted properties.

Winning Bid

Once the digital hammer lands, the property is yours. As a purchaser you don’t have to worry about the seller changing their mind, gazumping or the deal falling through.

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